Your Career and Personal Makeover

Set a New Direction

A “makeover” implies not simply destruction, but change. So just quitting your job or abandoning your lifestyle is not enough to constitute a makeover. No. A worthwhile makeover involves a positive change toward something different, preferably something better. The clear implication: you have to know what that something different is going to be.

  • Identify and explore your interests,
  • Select a satisfactory new direction,
  • Prepare to move in that direction by acquiring needed knowledge, training, experience, and so forth,
  • Develop a practical plan for moving in that new direction.

Develop New Contacts

Most of us work and live within a network of personal and professional contacts who support what we want and facilitate what we do. It’s only reasonable, then to recognize that to pursue a new direction you’re going to need to grow your existing network.

Group Support

Going through a makeover alone can be a harrowing experience. You’ll enjoy it more, and probably finish with a better makeover, when you have one or more groups of friends, relations, and colleagues who:

  • Believe in you and your makeover plan,
  • Can support you — perhaps even financially, if necessary — during the makeover process,
  • Have ideas, contacts, and resources to ease your makeover transition.

Financial Stability

As I wrote in my recent piece on Setting More Balanced Goals, “I don’t have to tell you that in this culture, money plays a huge role.

Hang Tough

Nobody ever said a personal or professional makeover would be easy. You’re bound to encounter difficulties and delays, sometimes run low on energy, even miss out on getting a few potentially helpful breaks.



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Robert Moskowitz

Robert Moskowitz


Robert Moskowitz is a successful, award-winning writer and consultant, and the author of “How to Organize Your Work and Your Life.”