Strengthen Your Motivation

Establish Rewards

We all feel motivated by past, present, and future rewards, including increased compensation, responsibilities and authority, as well as by accolades and other forms of recognition. But no matter how many of these you earn, and how often you earn them, their motivational power usually pales in comparison to the influence of rewards you establish for yourself.

Treat Yourself Well

Another way to keep yourself motivated over the long-haul is to be good to yourself. For example, an uncomfortable chair, a cramped office, a balky computer, an unreliable car, or an inadequate wardrobe probably won’t prevent you from doing all youra2l want and accomplishing important goals. But irritating deficiencies and problems like these each take a tiny but cumulative toll on your motivation.

Upgrade Your Posse

Many experts, studies, and personal coaches offer compelling evidence that you are heavily influenced by the people around you. This is why you can strengthen your long-term motivation by carefully selecting the friends and colleagues with whom you spend the most time.



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