Moving Up from A Plateau

Set a New Objective

The most important step in ending a period of stagnation is to re-evaluate your situation and set a new objective.

Remake Yourself for Your New Objective

With a new objective in sight, it’s time to re-inventory your skills, knowledge, and abilities to see how well-equipped you are to achieve what you’re aiming for.

Expand Your Network

The people you know, work with, and depend on are no doubt entirely suitable for a person at your current level. It stands to reason, however, that to facilitate any upward movement you’d like to initiate you’ll need to expand your network.

Enhance Your Reputation

Part of the process of rising from your current plateau is obviously to find and follow pathways that lead upward. Another part of the process, however, is to attract new opportunities by making yourself more visible to those who can offer them to you.



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Robert Moskowitz

Robert Moskowitz

Robert Moskowitz is a successful, award-winning writer and consultant, and the author of “How to Organize Your Work and Your Life.”