How to Be More Ambitious

Limit Your Downsides

One of the most powerful limitations on your level of ambition is your — often quite accurate — estimation of what happens if you can’t deliver on what you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Limiting the risks associated with your proposed task, project, or goal, perhaps by scaling back your plans or taking several small steps instead of one big one.
  • Creating some kind of a “safety net,” where possible, so falling short is not catastrophic.

Make a Backup Plan

It’s far easier to push ahead ambitiously with all your hopes and dreams on the line when you know that falling short need not be the end of neither your effort, nor your potential to try again. That’s the beauty of a backup plan, and why it’s important to develop one at the same time as you work up your primary plan.

Gear Up

Another key ingredient in nurturing your ambition is adequate preparation for whatever you propose to do.

  • Learning and getting comfortable with the specific knowledge, skills, and talents that will make accomplishing your ambitious task, project, or goal more likely.
  • Optimizing the timing of your ambitious attempt so that you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to make a maximum effort.



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