Fundamentals of Success

Find Your Own Path

When you first started providing whatever products or services you’re known for, you probably found your own best pathway from your starting point to your final delivery. It probably had some elements unique to you, and almost certainly reflected the best or at least the most sensible combination of your thought processes, your ways of working, your personal style, and other matters of importance.

Keep Your Deliverables Excellent

Successful car companies have been known to design, tool up for, build, and deliver unsuccessful cars. Many other companies and individuals have made the same kind of mistakes. One of the most common reasons for such problems is the simple failure to honor and maintain their established standards of excellence.

Prioritize Problem Solving

Your work and your life are continually presenting you with new problems. That’s an incontrovertible fact. Accordingly, you can’t hope to base your productivity and success on eliminating all problems. Instead, you must recognize your productivity and success grow out of your readiness to tackle problems as soon as they show up, and to solve them quickly, expeditiously, and as close to permanently as you can.



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