Compare Your Choices

List Your Options

It’s hard to make a choice when your options are fuzzy, half-hidden, or ambiguous. That’s why your first step in picking the best way forward is nearly always to list and clarify all the options available to you.

  • The steps you must take to implement it.
  • The costs, difficulties, and risks it will entail.
  • The other opportunities it will preclude.
  • The rewards and easy opportunities it will deliver.
  • The situation you will face after you successfully complete the option.

Compare the Options

That you must compare these options is obvious. But what’s valuable about this particular approach is that you make your comparisons in a highly specific, highly simplified way.

Review Your Notes

The next step is simply to count how many times each option appears in your log of preferences. Whichever option shows up most often is the one you most prefer.

Rework Your Options

When, after a full round of comparisons, none of the options you initially laid out seem like a satisfactory way forward, there are three techniques to try and find even better options.



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Robert Moskowitz

Robert Moskowitz


Robert Moskowitz is a successful, award-winning writer and consultant, and the author of “How to Organize Your Work and Your Life.”